Welcome to Mutti Medical Center

Mutti Medial Services Ltd is a private clinic established in 1989.

The clinic provides comprehensive health care including work place hazard screen, prevention, early detection of diseases and management of acute and chronic diseases including occupational related diseases.

The clinic has an in house pharmacy, routine laboratory, observation room for up to 8 hours and offers personalized hemodialysis to stable chronic renal failure patients especially visitors to Zambia.

Mutti Medical Centre is HIV accredited health facility by the Health and Professional Council of Zambia.

Our Mission


To provide quality, affordable comprehensive health care delivery with professional integrity in an environment that ensures patient satisfaction.


To be leaders in General health and Occupational health care delivery that ensures a healthy family and a healthy and productive work force.


The clinic is run by Dr Dorothy Kasonde a physician with interest in Kidney diseases and hypertension and has seventeen years experience with HIV management.

Dr Kasonde is a qualified occupational health practitioner and conversant with labour laws as they apply to employees well being, compensation, rehabilitation and medical boarding.

Dr Kasonde together with one full time General Medical Officer and visiting specialists in Internal medicine, general surgery, and urology, two state registered nurses, laboratory technologist, and pharmacy technologist form the medical team.

The auxiliary staffs include office administrator/Accountant, receptionist, driver /care taker and gardener.